Artist Statement

I am an artist and material culture researcher , whose work explores the relationships between bodily experience, memory and artefacts.  Using film, installation and sculpture I address the manner in which material objects can become records of lived experience and how the traces of these experiences can be read or understood by the viewer. Exploring the resonance of worn and used artefacts, I seek to uncover how attachment is produced and maintained. Drawing on anthropological and psychoanalytical ideas, I attempt to unpick the way that an object which is worn or held close to the body can become incorporated into the self. Using the work of psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, I examine objects which are simultaneously “me and not me”: part of the wearer’s bodily schema and other to it.


My work is simultaneously concerned with, the relationships between the image (film or photographs) and artefact, and also the differing manifestations of trace, experience and gesture contained within an object and represented in an image.  Gesture and experience recorded in film is set against the same gestures recorded in material form. The dissonances between these records reveal a spatio-temporal uncertainty, an ambiguity between the ‘here-now’ and ‘the-having-been-there’.